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Graham Balmforth Medical Negligence Specialist Consultant Solicitor

Who Am I ?

Orange Law Limited -  

The website of my Limited company.  


I am Graham G Balmforth Msc (FMed.) DipFMS (Glasgow) Solicitor Advocate. I am a dual qualified Barrister and Solicitor Advocate with extensive Surgical, Clinical, Cosmetic and Dental Negligence claims experience. I Offer both my professional and lay clients comprehensive capability in complex and high value case management and litigation.   

I started in the industry in the mid 1990's and I have worked for several successful "big names" firms. My most recent work though as a consultant involves me working for these firms "on contract"

What that means is that I agree with them the basis of how I work for them and if agree on terms I vet prospective claims that come to me using this site. I do not charge them or you for this service, it's just part of my operation. No good firm these days just takes any claim, we as responsible solicitors must run only those cases that have a good prospect of successful recovery. To do otherwise is to place strain on the system. I encourage people to consult with me direct and I can do so on an informal basis and without the time restraints that some firms place on their staff. We can then discuss how a firm might fund and run the claim. If it's the type of claim I don't personally specialise in, I will send the details to a Solicitor who does - once again entirely free to all parties. 


No firm operating in today's demanding consumer led environment can realistically retain all of the talent necessary to service every type of customer. I can offer medically orientated firms  a range of solutions surrounding ongoing litigation and as long as they are open and transparent and genuine medical specialists, they can make use of my services. 


18 Blake Street, York, YO1 8QG


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