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Medical Specialists

Leading Clinical Solicitor

Expertise in Clinical, Surgical, Dental Claims Extending Over 25 years with Various top tier Medical Negligence Solicitors Firms across the UK

Misdiagnosis Claims

Expert Clinical Solicitor Services

Misdiagnosis occurs when a healthcare professional fails to accurately identify a patient's medical condition, leading to delayed or incorrect treatment. This can have severe consequences, ranging from prolonged suffering and unnecessary treatments to irreversible harm or even death. As a solicitor, my role is to assess the merit of misdiagnosis claims and advocate for the rights of those who have endured such medical errors.

The crux of a misdiagnosis and the consequence medical negligence claim lies in establishing negligence on the part of the healthcare provider. This involves demonstrating that the standard of care fell below what a reasonable and competent medical professional would have provided. I collaborate with medical experts to meticulously review the facts, seeking evidence that the misdiagnosis resulted from a breach of duty, and causation can be proven.

Misdiagnosis not only affects a patient's physical health but also inflicts emotional distress, financial burdens, and a diminished quality of life. As a solicitor, I work closely with clients to understand the full extent of their suffering, ensuring that all aspects of their damages are considered when pursuing a claim.

Misdiagnosis claims require a nuanced understanding of both medical and legal complexities. Navigating the legal landscape involves thorough case preparation, engaging expert witnesses, and presenting a compelling argument to establish liability.

Expert Clinical Solicitors
No Win No Fee 



Pressure Sores / Pressure Ulcers and Neglect

Expert Clinical Solicitor Services

As more of the population faces increasingly extended stays in care homes, nursing homes and even on long term care wards, pressure sore claims have become increasingly prevalent. This is raising concerns about patient care standards. I often encounter cases where individuals suffer from preventable pressure sores  / ulcers due to substandard care and attention.

Pressure sores, also known as bedsores or pressure ulcers, develop when there is prolonged pressure on the skin, often in patients who are immobile or have limited mobility. These injuries can escalate if healthcare providers fail to implement appropriate preventive measures, such as regular repositioning, proper nutrition, and vigilant monitoring. Patients who sustain pressure sores may have grounds to pursue clinical negligence claims if it can be established that their injuries resulted from substandard care.

To succeed in a pressure sore claim, it is essential to demonstrate that the healthcare provider's negligence directly led to the development of the pressure sores. This requires a thorough investigation into the medical records, expert testimonies, and the establishment of a causal link between the negligent act and the harm suffered. Victims of pressure sore negligence may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and loss of earnings. 

Dental Negligence Specialism

Expert Clinical Solicitor Services

Dental negligence and the consequent no win no fee negligence claim can have profound and lasting effects on individuals, impacting not only their oral health but also their overall well-being. As a dedicated UK solicitor specialising in medical and dental claims, I have unique experience in dental surgical actions. 

Dental negligence arises when there is a failure to meet the standard of care, leading to avoidable harm. From implant failures to periodontal disease treatment errors, these cases require a nuanced legal approach. I am well-versed in unraveling the complexities of dental negligence claims, ensuring a thorough examination of the circumstances.

Establishing negligence, breach of duty, and the causal connection between the negligence and harm suffered is crucial in building a robust case.  Navigating dental negligence claims requires a deep understanding of the treatments available to UK dentists as the breaches of duty can be historical in nature and the impact of the mistakes may take years to develop. I work tirelessly to hold dental practitioners accountable for substandard care, promoting a culture of responsibility within the dental profession.

At the Dentist

Delay in Diagnosis Claims

Expert Clinical Solicitor Services

The Domino Effect of Delays in Diagnosis

  • Cancer: Delay in diagnosing cancer can significantly impact the prognosis and survival rates of patients. Tumors that go unnoticed and untreated during the early stages may progress to advanced stages, making them more challenging to treat. Early detection is often the key to successful cancer managemen

  • Cardiovascular Diseases: Conditions such as heart disease and strokes can be silent threats that manifest gradually. A delayed diagnosis in cardiovascular diseases may result in irreversible damage to the heart or brain, leading to long-term complications and diminished quality of life

  • Infectious Diseases: Rapid identification of infectious diseases is crucial for preventing their spread within communities. Delayed diagnosis can allow these diseases to reach epidemic proportions, posing a threat not only to individual health but also to public health at large.

  • Autoimmune Disorders: Autoimmune conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, may exhibit subtle symptoms initially. Delayed diagnosis can lead to progressive joint and organ damage, diminishing the chances of effective intervention and management.

  • Neurological Conditions: Disorders affecting the nervous system, such as Alzheimer's disease or multiple sclerosis, often present with gradual and subtle symptoms. Early diagnosis is imperative to implement interventions that may slow down disease progression and enhance the quality of life for affected individuals.

The psychological toll of delayed diagnosis extends beyond the physical implications. Patients living with undiagnosed conditions may experience heightened anxiety, stress, and uncertainty about their health. Additionally, the prolonged wait for a diagnosis may contribute to a sense of helplessness, further exacerbating mental health challenges.

These medical negligence claims demonstrate a huge challenge to the industry. It is a mistake to treat or confuse medical claims with those of personal injury or general litigation. The work calls for a high degree of medical and litigation knowledge and instructing the wrong firm can mean the end of a good case. Contact me today to see how I can help with your problem. 

Solicitor Professional Negligence

Clinical Negligence Failures - Limitation

When it comes to handling clinical negligence cases, the stakes are high, and the margin for error becomes narrower than many other areas of litigation. In recent times, instances of professional negligence among Solicitors in the domain of clinical negligence have raised concerns, underscoring the need for enhanced diligence and expertise.

Clinical negligence cases involve complex medical intricacies, demanding a strong fundamental understanding of both legal and medical spheres. Solicitors play a crucial role as intermediaries between their clients and the complex legal and medical systems.


Unfortunately, lapses in professional conduct can lead to severe consequences, not only for the solicitor but also for the affected individuals seeking justice.

One common pitfall in clinical negligence cases is the failure to conduct thorough and comprehensive research. Solicitors must delve into the medical intricacies of a case, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of evidence. In cases where this diligence is lacking, the solicitor may inadvertently neglect critical details that could sway the outcome of the case.

Another significant area of concern is the mismanagement of deadlines and paperwork. In clinical negligence cases, adherence to timelines is crucial, and meticulous attention to paperwork is non-negotiable. Failure to file documents within specified deadlines or submitting incomplete or inaccurate paperwork can compromise the entire legal process, leaving clients without the justice they seek.

To mitigate the risks of professional negligence, ongoing education and training for solicitors handling clinical negligence cases are imperative. Staying abreast of developments in both the legal and medical fields ensures solicitors are equipped with the latest knowledge and strategies to navigate the complexities inherent in these cases.

Legal Consultant


Achieving the highest possible conversions for your claims.

For Professional Clients, I can offer a seamless service for vetting new claims and integrating them into an already existing high quality service provision. If you are having issues in terms of claims vetting / assessment I can redirect enquiries as part of a white label process. 

A  meticulous examination by an impartial auditor ensures compliance with legal standards, safeguards against errors or oversights, and verifies the accuracy of documentation. It enhances transparency, instills confidence in legal proceedings, and minimises the risk of negligent practice. Independent audits act as a crucial quality control mechanism, assuring clients, stakeholders, and the legal community that legal files are meticulously scrutinised.

Surgical Negligence Specialism

Expert Clinical Solicitor Services

Surgical negligence occurs when healthcare professionals breach their duty of care, resulting in harm to the patient. From misdiagnoses to surgical errors, these instances require a thorough evaluation to establish negligence and its consequences. Our team is committed to unraveling the layers of each case, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the legal merits.

Successfully pursuing a surgical negligence claim involves demonstrating negligence, a breach of duty, and resultant harm. With a deep understanding of the UK legal framework, our solicitors guide clients through the intricacies of the claims process. We aim not only to secure fair compensation for our clients but also to hold healthcare providers accountable for their actions, fostering a culture of responsibility within the medical community.

If you are struggling to find suitable experts for representation then please do contact me for an informal discussion on how I can help. 

Performing Surgery
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Orange Law Limited - Medical Negligence Claims Solicitor

Welcome to Orange Law Limited - A Freelance Solicitor Consultancy that specialises in outsourced clinical and healthcare litigation services. Mr Graham G Balmforth (Solicitor Advocate) is a well known and recognised expert in clinical claims and complex high value case management. With over 25 years of Clinical Law and Litigation experience Mr Balmforth offers specialist 1st tier Solicitor services for clients with complex and / or high value clinical cases. 

n the realm of healthcare, trust between patients and medical professionals is paramount. However, the unfortunate reality of medical negligence can shatter this trust, leading to severe consequences for patients. Medical negligence occurs when healthcare providers fail to meet the appropriate  standard of care, resulting in harm or injury to patients. This breach of duty can encompass misdiagnoses, surgical errors, medication mistakes, and more.


The repercussions of medical negligence are far-reaching, affecting not only the physical well-being of patients but also their emotional and financial stability. Victims may face prolonged suffering, additional medical expenses, and a diminished quality of life. Moreover, the trust in the healthcare system can be irreparably damaged.

Seeking legal recourse for medical negligence is crucial for affected individuals. By shedding light on this issue, Solicitors empower patients to stand up for their rights, fostering a culture of accountability within the medical community. The essential characteristic in lawyers for those patients who seek legal recourse should therefore be a genuine concern for patients trauma and ruthless determination to seek out the answers that the clients seek to remedy the situation they have been through. 

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Seamless Transfer of Clinical Negligence and Healthcare Case Management

I offer short term transfer of clinical and dental case management duties to a Consultant Medical Negligence Specialists for competitive fixed daily, weekly, monthly rates. This can be achieved in office at my professional clients site or remotely depending upon the firms facilities. 



Orange Law Limited 
Clinical Negligence and Healthcare Services


Regardless of the type of action you have, I accept as a Specialist Consultant,  instructions act in general and emergency medicine, dental, cosmetic, oncological, obstetric and surgical actions of all types and of  all values. My experience has seen hundreds of millions of pounds of compensation stretching back over 25 years. As the industry of conditional fee medical negligence litigation has grown I have seen the industry change to try and accommodate the complexity of this work and I am conscious of the skills gap that exists in many generalist firms or those which are struggling to maintain specialist departments in the face of a shortage of suitable staff. 



I no longer offer wide spread court agency representation owing to time sensitive travel restrictions but I do maintain my practice of fatal injury cases (surgical, medical) which are subject to Coronial Inquest. I have been engaged in several National Health Inquiries and Public Investigations both for private patients and for the Healthcare Organisations. For Coronial Inquests my representation is subject to disbursement recovery or to a policy of high value or neonatal death cases.  

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Medical Negligence Claims Solicitor in York

Mr Graham Balmforth has a family association with York and Yorkshire dating to pre - medieval history and he remains a resident here, he maintains offices in Blake House in the City of York and is available for personal consultation with York residents and fellow professionals by appointment.  

Medical Negligence Claims Solicitor in London

Orange Law Limited has been based in 71-75 Shelton Street since its inception and that remains our registered office. Many of Orange Law Limited Clients are based in Kent and the Home Counties and the High Court in London is the natural staging post for many of the highest value and most complex cases in England. 

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