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York based Medical Negligence Solicitor
Orange law Medical Negligence

Medical Claims Solicitor in York 

I am a York Medical Negligence Solicitor with a long history of legal service within the City of York itself. As a medical expert there are few solicitors who can equal my level of academic qualification in forensic medical sciences and I have been working as a specialist in Injury and Medical - Surgical Negligence cases for over 25 years. Originally (and still) a Barrister I moved to the Solicitors profession in 2012 and joined the Law Society Clinical Panel as a Specialist member. Since then I have gone from strength to strength as a dedicated medical legal professional. I don't practice in any other other areas of law and I don't serve any other clients. If you live in York, and you are looking for a York based Solicitor to run your claim then contact me for a completely free consultation.


If you've experienced medical negligence, our seasoned team is here to assist with surgery claims, amputation, limb loss, sepsis, dental negligence, cosmetic issues, compensation, and more.  Then contact my York office today for a free consultation, and no obligation discussion surrounding the possible  'No Win, No Fee' agreements that are used for most clinical and medical negligence claims. I can take you through these and deal with your concerns. Trust an expert to help you in delivering the compensation you deserve. Call mer personally today. 

For all clients in York and environs, I can offer a consultation at my offices in Blake street if you would prefer to meet me in person. Just let me know and I will call you to sort the appointment at a time to suit you. 

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18 Blake Street, York, YO1 8QG

Tel: 01904 914 989

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