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Our Projects and Services

These are long term projects that we are handling for firms in the England and Wales Jurisdiction.

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Clinical Negligence Department

We assisted the owner of a sole practitioner / ltd company firm in West Yorkshire with a large caseload of clinical files. The staff handling costs were in excess of £400k per year and the turnover of the department was in the region of £500k excluding PII. Our involvement reduced ongoing staff costs through redundancy  to nil as the existing department was run off. The turnover in the first year of operation rose to £800k and the overall costs to the firm was £280k. 


Audit and Risk Assessment for Clinical After the Event Insurer

As non regulated legal advice an Orange Law Consultant operated as  an agent for a Medical Negligence Insurer, he took over the Risk audit for 3 interlinked former PI firms based in the west midlands. They had each a dismal success ratio based on payment via indemnity claims. We successfully vetted and reduced the caseload from 320 to under  210 files and made various suggestions for future management and expert instruction. Claims fell to less than 15% and the value of claims also fell by over 50%. 

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Complaint Handling Services

We took over the complaints caseload from a non regulated firm with the aim of reducing the impact of poor social media - online reviews. Over the space of 4 months we dealt with 120 complaints

We were able to reduce the outcomes on all complaint files and even returned a positive social media - online review balance to the firm.


High Net Worth Individuals

We have worked with clients  who are either a high net worth individual or tv / media personality. The risk to the firm has been high both in terms of potential reputational damage and potentially in data leaks. Many  of these individuals were pursuing cases for cosmetic / dental negligence and some for personal injuries sustained in a sporting arena. In each case the firm was successful in providing a first class service and was able to retain the client for other service instructions. 

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