High Court and County Court Advocacy

Orange Law can offer a full County Court and High Court Advocacy Agency Service. Typically engaged in interlocutory / interim hearings but short approval hearings or case managment conferencing and even Inquest representation is also available. 


Fixed pricing is not available for most hearings as the costs of preparation and travel is frequently prohibitive to fixed fees however, as a guide the costs applied as agency fees are typically as those set out below and travel and waiting is usually agreeable as a modest addition. 

Infant Investment Approval Hearings at the County Court - £175.00

Costs and Case Management Hearings in the County Court - £575.00

Inquests per half day -£400.00

Injunction Hearings - £750.00

Disclosure Applications and other interim applicaitons £450.00

These prices are only available to Solicitors and internal legal departments with authority to litigate and instruct a qualified Solicitor Advocate as agent. NO instructions for advocacy can flow direct fromt the public.